What is onsite optimisation?

How onsite SEO improves visibility

Optimising your website to improve Google rankings

On-site SEO (also called on-page SEO) is the process of optimising various front-end and back-end components of your website so that it ranks in search engines and brings in new traffic. These on-page SEO components include content elements, site architecture elements, and HTML elements.

Why is onSITE SEO important?

On-site SEO is important because it tells Google what your website is about, and how you provide value to visitors and customers. It helps your site be ‘optimised’ for both human eyes and search engines.

Typically, SEO consists of three main stages: 1) keyword selection, 2) onsite optimisation and 3) offsite optimisation. After perfecting the right keywords for the strategy, focusing on the onsite optimisation is primarily about making your site’s web pages relevant to targeted keywords.

With the right SEO Services, you’ll be able to enjoy profitable gains from on-site SEO. Optimising your website on-site is the foundation of SEO. You’ll be making the necessary changes that will:

  • Increase the visibility of your content
  • Improve your website’s ranking in the search engine results page (SERP)
  • Drive your targeted traffic to your website

By making your web pages friendly to search engine crawlers, you are also creating original, compelling and keyword focused content that is relevant to your target traffic.

The goal is to improve ranking and connect with your audience.

SEO Services can make the right changes in your website. These include the following:

  • Use the right keyword in your title
  • Balance texts, images, videos, and other media to make your traffic stay longer
  • Put the right keywords in strategic places in your content
  • Use proper tags
  • Make your web pages load faster
  • Add the best modifier to your headings
  • Find the best placement for your social sharing buttons
  • Ensure that your web pages have long content for better ranking
  • Minimize your bounce rate

Find a good balance between tweaking your web pages technically and humanising your content. Produce perfect content that drives your website to enjoy better ranking in search results.

By John Anderson, SEO Results

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