Skyrocket your sales by driving your website to the top of national listings.

SEO Services for Businesses with a National Reach

The best way to get relevant people to visit your website and help to drive sales is to get your business to rank on the first page of Google for industry specific keywords.

We refer to National SEO as campaigns that are not geo-specific, but are instead industry specific.

Creating and publishing in-depth content that provides value for your website visitors will make sure that the traffic to your site will convert into customers.

At SEO Results we can help you optimise your website and landing pages so that visitors from anywhere in the world can utilise your products or services and get you a superior return on investment. It is highly likely your industry sector at a national level will be over-saturated in alternatives, so establishing an effective national SEO campaign strategy will be essential to the success of your business.

Be relevant in organic searches at a national level

90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search.  Source: Hubspot

Who needs National SEO?

Visibility is everything, particularly when you consider that Google receives over 3.5 billion search queries every day. The further down in the search results you are, the less of the 3.5 billion users that will see you.

While the first page receives almost 69% of the search traffic clicks, by the second page, you have already dropped to around 13%; the remaining minuscule amount is received by pages three onwards By the third page, you’re virtually invisible.

Any business that provides for clients not limited to a geographic area should have a national SEO campaign in place. All businesses who can provide their products or services to customers located anywhere should be promoting them nationally, or even internationally. 

We can help write and implement a national SEO campaign to generate the visibility you need. Typically, national campaigns are long term investments and will take longer to achieve results due to the extended competition levels in your industry. Along with many other factors linked to technical SEO and implementing greater numbers of techniques aligned to Google’s best practice, an average national SEO campaign can be a minimum of 9-12 months to get priority keywords with large volumes into the top echelons of Google search results.

Regardless of what line of work they’re in, everyone wants to be on top of their respective industry. Let our experts develop a customised national SEO strategy designed to give you prominence and dominance.

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