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Local SEO strategies that get your business noticed

More people than ever are turning their backs on directories and local listings and instead are using search engines to find local businesses. This is particularly true for users on mobile devices because search engines use location technology to quickly show local-based search results.

If your business only serves a certain geographical area, you need local SEO to help more people from within that area find you online. Search engines like Google enable users to find what they are looking for in geographical proximity to them. For example, when a user types a query such as “coffee shops near me”, Google submits a geographically constrained query against a database of local businesses.

Businesses that aren’t optimised for local search are missing out on 80% of potential customers. “Near me” searches have increased more than 500% in the past couple of years, and around 78% of local mobile searches result in an in-store purchase. So being found on a local search is more crucial than ever for most businesses.

Local SEO is the strategy of optimising websites alongside other marketing strategies to increase organic search traffic to local businesses. When implemented correctly, it can help companies with a small footprint outrank larger competitors. 

We're local SEO specialists

At SEO Results we create and implement local SEO strategies which can propel your website into the top positions of local search. Our experts will analyse your business and your website, then identify where essential adjustments need to be made, and then commence a process of overtaking and dominating the top positions for local search.

Local SEO
tap into the local search phenomena

Local SEO is no longer optional for small businesses. User behaviours have changed, and the internet lives and breathes by the search engines.

With increasing proliferation in areas like digital sophistication, mobile technology, and online review platforms, the importance of developing a local search presence has never been greater for small businesses.

We can help your business with local SEO so that it becomes one of the most powerful methods you can use to reach consumers at key micro-moments. That is, ensuring you’re showing up exactly when they turn to their device seeking your brand’s nearest location or when they are ready to buy your products or services.

Our experts can help become highly visible to your local market. Sometimes your most important customers are right down the street.


Drive More Potential Customers

  • Get found on Google My Business and Bing Places For Business
  • Display correct opening hours, phone numbers, and addresses
  • Add promotions to your local listings

Increase Engagement and Reviews

  • Implement a review strategy which encourages customers to write about their experiences with your brand
  • Collect and respond to reviews from customers
  • Help prevent and resolve negative feedback

Strive for consistency

  • Correct inaccurate information
  • Properly optimise your business descriptions and product/service categories
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