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Create revenue-shifting results with SEO strategies designed for lead generation

How lead generation SEO can help your business

We passionately believe that website traffic generated from SEO does nothing for your business if it doesn’t convert to leads. What’s the point in having website visitors if they do nothing or leave straight away? Another bounce rate statistic does nothing for your bottom line.

At SEO Results we are driven by conversion. If our clients are earning increased revenue from their website as a result of our SEO strategies, then they will want us to work on more visibility, get more keywords ranking, and generate more return. We are all happy, right?

When we create a lead generation SEO campaign we dive deep into the wants, needs and behaviours of your target market to apply strategies that work for your business. This requires intensive research on conversion-driving keywords and appealing to users at the most advanced stage of their buyers journey. We’re interested in creating strategies that initiate genuine consumer interest, cultivate potential leads and drive those leads through the purchase funnel.

Beat your sales targets

With a little help from our SEO experts you can beat your sales targets. If your business needs a predictable flow of enquiries to achieve your lead generation targets, we can help.

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SEO strategies that focus on conversion

Every business is different and there isn’t a one size fits all approach to SEO. When we create strategies with a lead generation focus there are processes we have refined that have helped us generate great returns on investment for our clients.

How does it work?:


Define your lead generation objective

Revenue is a great objective to have and in most cases that is what our clients want from our SEO services. When a client asks us to increase their revenue, we like to focus on the means that gets them to more revenue, for B2B organisations, it is often leads, for B2C its video views or the capture of email addresses.


Define required traffic numbers to achieve the objective

We can work with you to identify what we need to achieve from the SEO campaign to meet the objective. This boils down to some straight forward maths.

Using your objective, your typical close rate for online leads and value of a new client, we can work out how many leads we need from landing pages; and working backwards based on average landing page conversions, identify how many new organic search visitors are needed to add into the sales funnel.


Budgeting for conversions

We will help you identify areas of weakness and strength in your landing pages to arrive at an optimum conversion rate. When conversion rates are unlikely to be improved, we can then focus on a strategy of driving more traffic, with the target to achieve the required objective in an agreed timeframe. This will help us identify the required scope of the campaign and budget to achieve it.


Define a customised strategy

Our SEO experts will then research conversion-driving keywords which will appeal to users at the most advanced stage of their buyers journey.



With the objectives and traffic requirement linked to a budget to achieve a successful campaign, we can implement our SEO lead generation strategy around the keywords most likely to trigger conversions.

If a lead generation strategy is required for your business, talk to our SEO experts about writing and implementing an SEO strategy designed to give you a predictable return on investment.

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