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How Ecommerce SEO connects with potential customers

Organic search (the visibility of your website on search engines which are not paid ads) generates higher return on investment for ecommerce stores than paid ads (PPC), and it drives 10 times more traffic to shopping sites than social media.

There’s simply no better method for boosting your brand’s online visibility and driving organic traffic to your site than SEO. The clickthrough rates for the top listings are significantly higher than the rates for listings further down the page or even on pages two and lower. However, clicks through to your product landing pages are one thing, but when it comes to ecommerce, your SEO strategy should be all about those deal-converting clicks.

At SEO Results our focus for all our SEO strategies for ecommerce websites is finding the connection between specific users and search terms relevant to them. By hooking very precise targeting and specialisation, we are able to connect you with potential customers who are actively searching for your services or products.

Regardless of whether you offer 5 products or 5,000 on your website, e-commerce SEO is a specialised art, and our team of experts will guide you through the process of creating visibility that leads to an un-complex journey through to conversion.

A nation of online shoppers

With 87% of shoppers beginning their product searches on digital channels, it is no wonder that businesses who offer services and products are trying to compete for the ultimate visibility.

Identifying the most relevant keywords will result in online sales

For online store owners, being successful largely boils down to gaining visibility and getting your ecommerce site in front of your target audience.

While SEO in general, has become incredibly sophisticated, we believe there is a huge opportunity for online store owners because many e-commerce sites are not getting the fundamental SEO principles correct.

Getting e-commerce SEO right is all about following the right formula and putting in the time, and only then can gains be made on your competitors in search results ranking.

Keywords at the heart of E-commerce SEO

We can help you determine what people are typing into your website’s search box as well as learn more about their searches before arriving on your website. We will take into consideration search volume for specific keywords used, and focus on trends where long-tail keywords (search terms with three or more words) are frequently used. These terms will have smaller volumes, but the person using them will be articulating in their search what they really need an answer to. By marrying up a user’s search intent, with the right keywords and the most appropriate product or service we can map out a keyword focuses across all items in your store and devise a strategy which will

  1. Create high performance visibility in search results
  2. Continually adjust and optimise search terms to identify and exploit the most effective at converting users into customers.

Talk to our experts about improving e-commerce SEO for your business.

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