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Achieving long-term SEO success in a highly competitive environment requires a carefully curated strategy. At SEO Results, we curate and implement custom-made SEO strategies for each of our clients to give them the edge over their competitors.

It takes quality time to devise an SEO strategy that will ensure that your website will be on the road to long term SEO success and living the high-life on the first page of search results. Within 2 to 3 weeks, our team will have carefully analysed your business and website to map out a strategy which identifies the process to reaching the top and also details adjustments needed for your website.

In order to create a foundation for an effective SEO campaign, you need a website that is both credible and relevant to the search terms of the SEO campaign. Whether your starting from scratch or have an existing website we can guide you towards optimising your website so that it incorporates the appropriate on-site SEO requirements. These requirements are optimised website elements to enable Google and other search engines to comprehensively scan and index each of your web pages, adding higher value to your website – and therefore influence your ranking in search results.

A strategy which sets out to dominate Google can only work if it fully considers what competitors are doing. At SEO Results when we plan your SEO strategy we not only look into your business and industry, but we also research and exploit what your competitors are doing. We help identify your closest competitors, and begin a process of reverse engineering the areas where they are having success and use that to your advantage. For example, we can identify what their keyword focuses are, how effective they are at demonstrating relevance and authority of these to Google, and highlight strengths and weaknesses in their technical SEO. This valuable insight will help super-charge your strategy, so that long-term objectives are not just being on Googles’ first page, but demonstrating greater visibility in search results over your closest rivals.

reverse engineer competitor seo

Reverse engineering the areas where your competitors are succeeding and then using the insight to your advantage. 

contact the seo experts

Contact the SEO experts

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The impact of backlinks to achieve greater authority and relevance than your competitors

It is easy to see why link building is essential for SEO purposes. If you want to appear high up in the rankings of Google’s organic SERP listings, link building is going to be very important to you. Ethical, organic link building is the best possible practise to ensure your website establishes itself as a dominant player and ranks well for desirable keywords giving you the edge over your competitors.

But how does it work? - Link building is all about growing authority and relevance for keywords and keyword groups.

In reality, Google like may other search engines, use hundreds of factors when evaluating the authority and relevance of webpages, but we can boil them down to two main categories:

  • Content (relevance)
  • Links (external citation authority)

First, a search engine must read and analyse the actual content and other features on a page. From this, the engine associates relevant topics with the page. SEO done correctly, enables your targeted keywords and keyword groups to be picked up by search engines and associate relevance with your website. 

Combining authority and trust to give your website the edge

When a website links to your website, it instantly becomes a positive vote of confidence – indicating to Google’s algorithms that the website linking to you – trusts you, trusts your information and alludes to a relevancy. The number and variety of backlinks targeted to a website allows Google to interpret how well a website is being optimised and determines reputation and authority. By building an SEO strategy which organically grows backlinks from trusted sources will improve your website’s domain authority, its relevance for specific keywords and groups, and improve ranking performance because of the trustworthiness of your authority.

At SEO Results, we strive to achieve desired outcomes for SEO campaigns which incorporate trust, relevance and authority. Without this we couldn’t out-smart your competitors. Throughout a campaign we are constantly measuring and analysing performance but the main criteria for us are these metrics:

If its time for your website to improve its relevance, trustworthiness and authority, contact one of our SEO experts, and let’s together start out-performing your competitors. 

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