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STRONG GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS AS Monster Airport Parking takes off

Monster Airport Parking are an airport parking comparison site across 26 UK airports. Using advanced technology the website consolidates airport parking products from major UK suppliers.

After launch in 2019, Monster Airport Parking needed to work with a partner to identify and implement an organic search strategy which would attract holiday-makers and business people looking for affordable parking. SEO Results were invited to create an SEO strategy to establish visibility of the website across search terms for all 26 UK airports.

The key consideration within the planning phase for an SEO project like this was to fully understand competitor strengths and weaknesses and to exploit areas where quick wins could be achieved. A properly strategised SEO campaign cannot be created in a vacuum, and performing competitor analysis enabled us to see exactly what competitors were doing, and how effectively they were at doing it. Our analysis involved researching the links, keywords and content of competitors in order to reverse-engineer the most successful elements of these tactics into a bespoke SEO strategy for Monster. Armed with highly valuable data, our team were able to isolate the best keyword options, and prepare an SEO strategy which clearly showed a route-map for a two year campaign and expected return on investment.

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Marcus at Monster Airport Parking describes the impact of an SEO strategy on domain authority.

This campaign was delivered on a number of different levels where our teams were focused on improving the authority of the domain itself, whilst achieving individual visibility success across 26 airports. It probably comes as no surprise that this project required an ambitious strategy that would help our client see month-on-month visibility growth and deliver sales revenue at an early stage. Other marketing channels were used as a quick-win catalyst for immediate sales, but the medium to long term effectiveness and benefit of SEO was used to minimise the reliance on other expensive marketing channels, particularly PPC.

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Achieved from a standing start in 7 months



From trusted sources to help boost domain authority

A focus on domain authority improves ranking performance on google

7 months into the strategy, this SEO campaign is already delivering higher than expected results. The over-riding requirement to achieve success was based on leveraging strong domain authority for Monster Airport Parking. Authority is at the heart of nearly all our SEO strategies, and for this SEO campaign we continue to develop high quality backlinks into the site. We have already achieved in excess of 1,700 backlinks from trusted sources to raise the domain authority from zero to 51. No mean achievement, particularly within a short period of time, but the impact of this has helped us to consolidate and continually improve ranking performance on Google for each of the 26 airports.

At the start of the campaign, the site was ranking for 14 keywords, all brand related. As this is a relatively new venture, and with most consumers not being aware of the brand, our keyword focus was naturally for non-brand related keywords. On the 7th month we are now achieving 89 ranking keywords, of which some are highly competitive and receive very large monthly search volumes including ‘East Midlands Airport Parking’, which gets searched on average 33,000 times each month, and ‘Newcastle Airport Parking’, 27,000 times each month. These highly encouraging results are really only the start, and based on a 2 year SEO campaign, we re on course to deliver on all areas of the strategy, maintain consistent growth, and continue to deliver ROI for our client.

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