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Oxford City is an established travel destination website focused on generating enquiries and bookings for local businesses. The majority of businesses benefiting are within the hospitality sector, predominantly hotels, bed & breakfast and self catering properties.

Over the last 3 years, the organisation has continued strong growth from many marketing initiatives which have all had good success. To increase margins Oxford City were considering an alternative marketing strategy which would deliver more cost effective and long-lasting results than their existing email, PPC and retargeting efforts. SEO Results were commissioned to help drive a greater number of visitors to the Oxford City website, but where the volumes of traffic are highly targeted and in most cases visitors would already be at an advanced stage in their buyers journey.

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Julie at Oxford City discusses how large volumes of visitors are essential for her business.

oxford city visitor information seo campaign


UP 20%

For 2019/20 compared to previous year


Our SEO strategy would only be seen a success if it resulted in the Oxford City website generating greater numbers of enquiries for its own customers. Simply increasing website traffic wouldn’t necessarily achieve the desired results. Our planning stage was focused on identifying the right keywords which would create heightened visibility to users on Google who were not just looking for a place to stay in Oxford, but knew the type of property they wanted. Identifying what a typical user really wanted at this advanced stage in their buyers journey was important, and it certainly worked.

A 12 month campaign, mainly focused on room bookings for hotels, bed and breakfast and self catering properties has increased website visitors by 20% compared to the previous year.

Thanks to some of their excellent advice and a good SEO strategy, we no longer need to rely on advertising anymore

Julie, Oxford City

The share of new visitor acquisition via organic search has increased from 62% to 75.5% where all other channels dipped slightly. This has helped Oxford City make adjustments to their marketing budgets, reducing their historical reliance on email and PPC activities, and as a result have improved their margins.

  • SEO campaign delivers an increase of 1,920 positions on Google
  • 27% increase in visitors landing on hospitality pages of website
  • 20% increase in total visitor numbers compared to previous year
  • Bounce rates drop 6% compared to previous year
  • Over 350 new backlinks created within 12 months
creatin g an SEO strategy for oxford city


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