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Creating visibility for any business on Google organic search results will establish a flow of new visitors to your website. For Electricians, this provides an opportunity to demonstrate credibility to all types of customers, and encourage enquiries.

Whether you’re a domestic or commercial electrician, work on your own or predominantly work on contracts for larger organisations, search engine optimisation will help you get noticed by new and more relevant customers.

SEO for electricians is a medium to long-term investment that can reap huge rewards. The higher you rank in Google’s search results the lower the cost per lead, since you’re not paying per click. But more importantly appearing near, or at the top of local search results is where huge returns on investment can be realised.

Local SEO specialists for electricians

Local search results on Google are displayed when a user typically searches for a product or service ‘near me’ or by adding a location, eg “electrician in Birmingham”. These search results appear above all other search results and are contained within the map area of the search result page. To appear in these local results, you will need to create a ‘Google My Business’ account with Google. Bing have a similar location-based solution called ‘Bing Places for Business’

As local SEO specialists for electricians we can help you with the process of setting up these accounts, and work on optimising them as part of the initial phase of SEO for electricians. Our experts will then work on a local SEO strategy for your business with a focus on improving the ranking of your website on local search.

If you’re looking to get noticed by potential customers in your location, SEO for electricians is an essential marketing initiative which will help you establish visibility in your area and instigate a greater flow of enquiries directly from your local listing in the search results and from your website.

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