Improving your reputation and authority with Digital PR

Why digital PR is important for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industry

Public relations (PR) was traditionally all about media relations, publishing and distributing press releases and organising press conferences. For many organisations this provides everything they need. Today, the online world has impacted the way organisations can communicate, and now there are two forms of PR – digital PR and traditional PR. As you would expect, the aim of both these is to grow the reputation of an organisation and increase their visibility amongst their audiences. But the methods and the way they are measured are very different.

In this article we look at why digital PR is important for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industry, and how it directly impacts your online reputation which can yield significant gains over your competitors.

What is Digital PR?

Simply put, digital PR is a marketing strategy used to build your website’s domain authority and online brand awareness. It involves creating content and outreaching to bloggers, journalists and relevant websites in order to get coverage within specific industries and to generate high authority backlinks.

Good digital PR is transforming the digital landscape and has a huge impact on the way businesses are implementing their marketing strategies. It helps pull together social, content and SEO strategies and provides all types of businesses with an online edge over competitors, and where their reputation, credibility and authority within industry sectors is enhanced.

The benefits of digital PR for business

Building trust in your business demands careful, thoughtful content and presentation. Building credibility among your audience demands a deep understanding of your customer intent and needs, and requires publishing the right content, in the right place at the right time. Traditional PR focuses on offline channels of media like radio, newspapers and television and there will always be a place for creating a noise in these environments for many businesses. But with digital PR, as the name would suggest, tends to focus on online forms of publishing and communication. Opportunities in terms of content creation can be more interactive, featuring images, videos, links and infographics rather than just text. Similarly one piece of content or article can be used across multiple mediums or repurposed for different platforms.

The real power of digital PR can be harnessed from the placement of the content, and the value attributed to a backlink. In the first instance, content published on high authority websites, distributed to relevant journalists, bloggers and influencers will raise your brand awareness purely on the visibility of the content in front of highly relevant audiences. The second part is equally important because backlinks from other websites transfer an element of trust and credibility to your website, and this directly impacts on your domain authority (DA), a metric used by search engines like Google to determine where you rank in search results pages.

Direct benefits from a well considered and executed digital PR campaign include:

• Greater online brand awareness and improved reputation
• Generates relevant backlinks from credible sources and websites
• Higher domain authority directly impacting organic search visibility
• Increases website traffic
• Provides a tangible way to measure success

Want to use digital PR to grow your online brand awareness and reputation?

Whether it is to build brand awareness over the course of a year or to launch a new product or service, digital PR is a program in your marketing arsenal to consider in your digital marketing mix. Our digital PR packages include the creation of optimised and engaging content which we will use to target and distribute to the right journalists, the right influencers and the right websites at the right time.

Get in touch to find out more about our digital PR packages and the positive impact they can have on your business.

By John Anderson, SEO Results

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