How Schema Markups can increase targeted traffic to your website

An introduction to Schema Markup

Searching for something on a search engine like Google is no longer just about keywords and content. With voice search becoming more popular, websites are more ‘visible’ or available, when they contain code which speaks to visitors, whether it’s a potential customer or a search engine crawler. Schema markups tell search engines a variety of things about your business, guiding them to crawl and index your website. This provides information which can be used or displayed on search engines in a different way to how keywords and content get used.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markups are a type of code that assists Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo! to structure the data of the websites into simpler categories and present the contents more comprehensively on their search results. Founded by, schema markup is what SEO experts like to call “microdata.” Once you add this microdata to your website, it creates an enhanced view of your content that can be shared across multiple channels by your visitors.

There are many types of Schema that can be used for different reasons, but one advantage is they provide valuable information that can be used to measure relevance, authority and social signals. Google can use them to create snippet views, allowing your site to display additional contact information, social links and other schema markups as part of your snippet view in search results.

This is an example of Schema Markup which uses a product rating in a search result:

what is schema markup?

As search engines and virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa become even more advanced, there becomes an even greater requirement to accurately direct search engines’ crawlers to data on your site to help it better understand what your content is about and how it will help someone find something they’re looking for. This is where Schema Markup is already becoming invaluable to some businesses where they are attracting greater volumes of target traffic to their web pages.

Types of Schema Markup

Product Schema

Product schema markup on product pages of a website helps search engines understand the content and purpose of the product page. For example, if the page is selling education books, the micro data will tell Google that it’s a product for sale relevant to the intent of someone’s search query. This benefits the website by sending more users interested in their book to their page, as opposed to users who bounce from the site quickly.

FAQ Schema

A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page can use the FAQ Schema to assist search engines in leading users to the webpage. This is very powerful for search queries which include a question, such as “what is SEO,” the marked up data on the page with that question and its answer will tell the search engine that page has the information the searcher is looking for and shows them the webpage. Google also uses this micro data to help users with alternative or supplementary questions. It uses the “People also ask” heading to highlight the microdata, like here:

Local Business Schema Markup

Local Business markup is the ideal schema for businesses offering products or services and looking to attract visitors close to their location. Typically restaurants, shops, banks, and any local business services which may get included in the search query “…. near me” should use this schema.

Site Search Schema Markup

Site Search markup is a highly powerful microdata which encourages Google to add a search box under a website in search results. This lets users search for something on the wesite without clicking the link until they see the site has exactly what they’re looking for.

Event Schema Markup

Event schema provides Google with data on a webpage for any kind of event. This markup can significantly increase the visibility of the event in search results, and can accrue more interaction and clicks.

Article Schema

Adding Articles Schema to blog and news pages on a website can enhance the appearance of their listings within the Google search results. A good example is a news article with a specific start and end date can become highly visible in search results listed in Google’s ‘news’ articles.

For further information on Schema Markup and how it can benefit the visibility of your website on search results, contact our SEO team on 0121 726 3861. If you’re running a restaurant, shop, bar, or offer services to your local area, you need to start using Schema Markup, NOW.

By John Anderson, SEO Results

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