How Guest Blogging Can Improve Your SEO

Improve your authority and gain quality backlinks with guest posts

Guest blogging is an effective way to develop the marketing strategy for your website, but how does it work and why is it so beneficial to your website’s visibility in organic search results?

Creating original, compelling and relevant content for your audiences on a regular basis should be a primary objective within any SEO campaign, and is increasingly an essential component within a B2B marketing strategy. If you’re a digital marketer you will have seen the advantages of regular content publishing and know that blogging is a powerful tool for attracting a good amount of traffic to your website. Effort and time is required to gain momentum and achieve better ranking on search results, but the rewards are long lasting. When guest blogging is introduced to the strategy you should start to see an acceleration in the performance.

In this article, we are going to dig deeper into the role of guest blogging for the improvement of business visibility and its association with SEO.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is simply the process of writing and publishing content or posts on other websites. Content writers or ‘bloggers’ need to identify and write blog topics that are going to be engaging to their audiences and relevant to their own business. When you guest blog on another website your aim of your post is to attract or direct traffic back to your own website.

Sounds easy right?

Yes, the process is easy, but the challenge is creating new and arresting content on a regular basis and publishing posts on high authority websites where your audiences and potential customers are likely to visit. If this is perfected, guest blogging can increase your brand awareness and credibility, boost your domain authority with quality backlinks to your own website, and help you build good relationships with other individuals/organisations of the same industry.

Identifying where to publish guest posts

There are so many benefits to guest blogging, marketers get carried away with the concept without thinking through how to find the best blogs that allow guest posts? When looking for websites to post your article on, it is best to look for high-quality content in your niche.

Google is naturally your start point, where you can search within your niche or market sector for websites accepting guest posts. More than likely, the results will be articles that include a list of websites that are accepting guest posts. You can look through the list and see if any of the websites catch your attention.

Another route is to approach other bloggers within your sector. They will be keen to have relevant content on their site to boost their own authority and credibility. There is therefore a mutual benefit for both of you. In simple terms, hosting on their website benefits you and the blogger, which opens up a second opportunity – you should also consider offering them a guest post on your website.

But, the most obvious way of identifying guest post opportunities often gets forgotten. Your competitors will also be looking for a strong and dominating presence on Google search results. They’ve embarked on the challenge of climbing Googles’ rankings, and its easy for you to see many of the tactics they’ve deployed – most notably by checking their backlinks. The backlink was created to help your competitor, and you can use it to your advantage too. If you notice that they have a backlink from a particular website, check out that website to see if they are accepting guest posts. In many cases, a competitors list of backlinks provides a ready made list of blog websites, blogging communities and blog portals which you can now contact.

There are more than 500 million blogs on the internet? Of those blogs, around 60% publish 1–5 guest posts per month.


Key benefits Of Guest Blogging for SEO

AuthorityDomain authority is fundamental to the organic performance of a website. A higher domain authority score will indicate you’re a reliable, trustworthy and credible website and Google’s algorithms will typically prioritise your website pages in search results over competitors with lower scores. But authority is more than just about the domain. Guest blogging is now considered as one of the best ways to improve the authority of your business with online audiences. By association, your guest post on a high authority website will be seen and regarded as content that can be trusted. These new audiences will get to know about your expertise and your expert opinion and will begin to recognise you as an authority within the sector.

High value backlinks – Publishing guest posts with carefully crafted backlinks to your own website is at the core of SEO and any successful SEO campaign. Google uses many criteria for determining the ranking position of websites including the presence of quality of content and backlinks. If there are good backlinks to pages on your website, it will help you get a good ranking on search results.

If you haven’t yet leveraged the opportunities of guest blogging, now is the time to work with our SEO experts who can identify a bog strategy within an SEO campaign. Call our experts today on 0121 726 3861.

By John Anderson, SEO Results

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