How does Digital PR Help SEO?

Understanding how content improves visibility and sales

Unless you’ve been hiding in the remotest, most inaccessible part of the world with no communication (actually, that sounds rather good for a holiday adventure); you’re probably familiar with how search engine optimisation can have an impact on your brand’s performance on Google search results …yeah? Well, with the huge escalation of online commerce and the fast changing algorithms which dictate your website’s ranking position, we look at how digital PR can directly help an SEO campaign and significantly influence some of the metrics which Google’s algorithms use to determine ranking position.

This simple truth about Digital PR and how it helps SEO

In short, digital PR is about creating backlinks from high authority websites. Backlinks are arguably the most powerful component of SEO, and digital PR can generate the best type. A good backlink can provide increased Page Authority for the content on the pages of your website, and the leads they bring to you, are vital, not only for your Google ranking but also for bringing qualified leads which can turn into conversions.

Before we jump too far into the beautiful partnership of Digital PR and SEO, it’s essential to establish how digital PR works and the impact of a backlink.

What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a marketing strategy used to build your website’s authority and brings targeted traffic back to your website through brand awareness and backlinks. It is becoming a more powerful way to obtain credible backlinks to help boost your domain authority and your website’s ranking on Google.

A good way to understand how it works is to think of it as a strategy to get your story out into the world through press releases and publicity, and a way to get your content used to produce high-value backlinks to your website. It is this last element that is now bringing Digital PR into the realm of SEO. Where people would tell you it was a marketing ploy only, using Digital PR tactics for backlink purposes, is a smart and effective way to increase your domain authority, your brand outreach, and ultimately your Google ranking.

Digital PR examples:

Using guest blog articles on other websites – This requires writing good and original content which can be published on a third party website which has either similar stories and objectives as yours; is in the same sector as your business; or attracts an online audience who would be interested to see articles about topics you want traction for. The key to a good guest blog article is to get credit/recognition for the article and a backlink to your website.

Distribution of press releases – A press release is ideal to circulate with journalists and media websites when you have something newsworthy to say. Carefully crafted press releases with great soundbites; awesome quotes; compelling rich media like videos and images; and credible information, can be used by journalists to release a story for you in their publications, with the associated links back to your website.

Unlinked mentions of your brand – while not as strong as a guest post or press release which contain direct backlinks to your website, any positive brand awareness through mentions on other websites, particularly those with high domain authority and credibility within your sector, can create valued exposure and have people searching for your website.

Get listed on directory websites – adding your company’s website to a directory that lists other similar companies with services such as yours can be powerful. If the directory has a strong page authority or domain authority, make sure you can create the all important backlink to your website within a compelling description of your story or subject. If you haven’t got access to SEO tools which can quickly identify the domain authority (DA) of other websites, e.g. directory websites, you can use free tools like this Website Authority Checker

The domain authority score of a UK based directory

The beautiful partnership of Digital PR and SEO

Digital PR is growing in popularity as an SEO tactic due to its effectiveness in picking up not just backlinks, but high authority backlinks. If you have a great story, and a linkable asset on your website, one press release, sent to enough interested parties, can get you a swathe of backlinks, and a good stream of highly relevant people visiting your website.

This will raise the page authority of the specific pages on your website, and in time will positively impact your own domain authority. This is a big influencer for Google, because Google considers a good DA score with the mark of a trustworthy and credible website, and as a result will give ranking priority for your website over competitors.

Acquiring backlinks from other websites particularly high authority media sites can have the potential to supercharge your online brand awareness, and entice new and targeted traffic to your website.

This infographic demonstrates how original content improves the your visibility and sales
This infographic demonstrates how original content improves your visibility and sales

If done with engaging content, and published in the right places, a digital PR campaign can help your DA to keep growing, and bring more relevant people to your website, with the potential for high conversion rates.

What type of content makes Digital PR powerful?

It’s easy to say, ‘yeah let’s do this’ and then suddenly realise you don’t know what to say, or if you do, what is the best way of saying it that will trigger all the great things that make digital PR powerful.

Consider what your target audience want from you? Could you write ‘How-to guides’ or create videos which are much easier for your audience to consume? Could you wrap your key messages into a compelling story that is newsworthy? A great way of making your story more accessible, more readable, is to use your product and services in a different way by incorporating an arresting narrative to benefit your target audience. These are called ‘hacks’.

An example of a good hack are these portable night lights. The narrative here focuses on the glowing ball lamps which are a brilliant way to encourage kids not to be afraid of the dark and they can bring them to the bathroom at night time too!

The hack – A benefit for children at night

The story is engaging because many parents will have young children who are afraid of the dark, and journalists will see this as a strong content which would attract aa high number of page views on the publications where it’s published.

The better you know your target audience, your prized customers, the better you will be able to serve their content needs. On the flip side, you can also introduce something entirely new for them, which you know they’ll like and appreciate.

Is Digital PR for you?

As you can see, Digital PR is a valuable tool to have in your SEO tool kit. Not only can it increase the reach of your brand and your values, but it can also bring loads of traffic back to your website. This feeds the bottom line, and it helps raise your websites domain authority.

To see how digital PR can benefit you, speak with our team to find out how we can get you and your brand noticed on the world stage.

By John Anderson, SEO Results

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