Grow Your Reputation With The Power Of Digital PR

Digital PR is a strategy that involves creating content and outreaching to bloggers, journalists and relevant websites in order to get coverage and high authority backlinks. These links are an increasingly important part of SEO; the more sites linking, mentioning and referring to your own website, the better for your own domain authority, your visibility on Google, and in turn sales.

Digital PR campaigns that grow your website's domain authority

SEO Results specialise in growing online reputations for brands and businesses which outperform their competitors. Our digital PR campaigns are focused on combining optimised and original content with digital technologies to grow domain authority, which can significantly impact a website’s online visibility.

Alongside helping you optimise the content on your own website, our digital PR campaigns harness the power of quality backlinks to improve your domain authority. Our digital PR team will identify opportunities to include your business or brand on media publications, top websites and in front of industry influencers, with the aim of creating positive and relevant ‘noise’ about your business, your products and services. This will generate backlinks to your website which have a high domain authority, which in turn has a positive impact on your own authority and reputation. A domain authority is a search engine ranking score (between 1-100) that predicts how a website will perform on search engine result pages. A site with a DA of 100, for example, is considered highly authoritative by Google. The focus on the majority of our digital PR campaigns, is the pursuit of a significantly higher domain authority – a metric which is directly tangible to your website’s performance on search engine results pages.

Digital PR packages

We offer creative digital PR campaigns across a series of packages designed to increase your domain authority. All activities within packages include the creation of optimised and engaging content which we will use to target and distribute to the right journalists, the right influencers and the right websites at the right time.


Target Keyword Focus

2 target keywords


3 articles written and published per quarter


3 x DA 30+ backlinks per quarter


6 articles per quarter on your website


Target Keyword Focus

3 target keywords


6 articles written and published per quarter


6 x DA 40+ backlinks per quarter


9 articles per quarter on your website


Target Keyword Focus

4 target keywords


9 articles written and published per quarter


9 x DA 40+ backlinks per quarter


12 articles per quarter on your website

Digital PR Packages can be also be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Want to use Digital PR to grow your online reputation?

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Digital PR aligned with SEO

Growing online reputations to impact domain authority and brand awareness is at the heart of everything our team does. Our digital PR team know what metrics influence the ranking outcomes of Google’s algorithms and ensure any published content and associated backlinks positively effect visibility and generate valuable traffic for our clients.

Unlike SEO which has a greater emphasise on keyword optimisation and link-building, good digital PR focuses on the placement of great content to generate quality backlinks to transfer domain authority back to our clients websites. It can also exclusively impact your websites performance on search results pages, but in today’s digital world, strategies that work across channels and marketing disciplines can achieve outstanding outcomes. That is why at SEO Results, our knowledge of SEO and digital PR combined, adds an extra weight of effectiveness to our clients campaigns.

Get in touch to find out more about our digital PR packages and the impact they can have on your authority.

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